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Security Services

We have trained security personnel to respond to the hazards and critical situations. They are trained to prevent illegal activities from undertaking in and around your premises. With due patrolling...

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HouseKeeping Services

STSK Facilities Management provides housekeeping and cleaning services which improves the productivity and health of the people. We ensure that your building remains dust, dirt and germs free...

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Maintenance of Building

Nourishment and maintenance of buildings include the activities that are involved in managing the buildings. Starting from cleaning the common area to maintain all the electrical systems required for...

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Plumbing Services

Our expertise have hands-on work experience to work in a design capacity, drafting blueprint and helping make the installation process more efficient. Our professionals are aware of the building...

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When it comes to designing your building, good electrical engineering is crucial. An electrical engineer is responsible for numerous building functions such as power, lighting, heating...

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Sewage Treatment Plant

Drainage and Sewage water treatment have been a part of our culture since civilization. In the absence of maintenance of Sewage water, it would be very difficult to keep the waste material...

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Water Treatment Plant

As water is one of the most important components for a human being and other living things, we make it our top priority to provide you the best quality of water for consumption and for the...

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Maintenance of a swimming pool is very important as the swimming pool is used by almost everybody in the building as a part of their refreshment activity. If the pH levels are off...

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Ongoing maintenance is important for healthy plants and trees. Unsightly weeds and fungi not only look bad, they steal soil nutrients, water, and sunlight that your landscape plants need...

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Pest Control

We take complete responsibility for ensuring the disinfectants, insecticides and pesticides used for rendering the services shall be safe, having low toxic levels, duly approved by WHO and Central...

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Lift Maintenance

Lifts and escalators are arguably the spine of any building, and along with providing structural support, they ensure the building offers access and transportation. One of the most important...

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Energy Management

Energy Management refers to efforts made to reduce energy consumption. Energy conservation can be achieved through increased efficient energy use, in conjunction with...

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We do care about your society!

Our aim is to provide cost effective and customer centric Security, Housekeeping and Facility Management Solutions to help our business partners and society at large in building to maintain an eco-friendly and cleaner environment.The staff are highly skilled and are also well versed with respect to Government Legislation. They are also extremely knowledgeable when administering and interpreting the facility management rules & regulations and other legislation. Over the time, we have established a network of major contractors and suppliers who are trusted and are dependable professionals.

This network enables us to realize substantial savings in terms of price, priority in terms of scheduling, and the expectation of high quality service for all of our contractual needs. Our commitment to service and excellence guarantees that the services will be managed according to the highest standards in the industry.

Why Choose Us


We ensure that your data is safe with us. Every piece of data is handled with relative importance. For that reason alone, data protection is at a top priority for us. We ensure data protection by implementing a 256 bit encryption mechanism provided by AWS and Azure. We have implemented this system so that all your data will be safe at a top most priority and so that the application is always up and running.


We have developed our systems in such a way that all your actions and the requests made could be easily tracked. We also provide you the privilege to track any changes that you have requested for, or any concerns raised. Our facilities management system is absolutely user friendly. It helps you to unearth your day to day operations with ease.


We take complete responsibility of your requests. It is our responsibility to complete all your requests with respect to facilities management. You have the privilege to raise request and it is our responsibility to fulfill your requests within the stipulated time. Any issues raised by any of the user of our service will be taken care by us with utmost responsibility.


Our Facilities Management service provide you customised solutions to all your problems. We have excellently trained and reliable staff to carry out your day to day chores as per your requests. We provide you a platform where you can trust the system with carrying out your chores for the daily maintenance without having to worry much about anything.

Cost Effective

We at STSK Facilities Management thrive to deliver cost effective & most convenient Housekeeping & all the facility management solutions to help our business Partners & Society at large in building an Eco-friendly and cleaner Environment. Our goal is to provide you the maximum benefits at a consumer friendly price. We believe in providing all the service that you want, at your convenient rates.

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