Pest Control

We take complete responsibility for ensuring disinfectants, insecticides and pesticides used for rendering the services, having low toxic levels, duly approved by World Health Organization (WHO) and Central Insecticide Board. Pest control techniques are implemented so that the pests are m anaged and eradicated to ensure safety and health in the building. As we have taken an oath to keep our clients healthy, we have implemented high end pest control techniques which would not only keep the area pests and rodent free, but also would promote a sense of hygiene within the premises.

It keeps the disease out carried by the pests, reduces health risks, reduces allergy and also promotes good night’s sleep. The steps carried out in the process of controlling pests could be small, but the effect that it leaves on the lives of people are huge. It promotes good health to the entire society promoting a sense of hygiene and safety.

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