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STSK Facility Management is to manage the day-to-day upkeep of facilities, has now emerged as a leader in this fast-expanding and diverse field. STSK facility management has grown on a strong foundation of trust and values to rise as one of the leading integrated facilities management companies in Bangalore.

Headquartered in Bangalore, STSK facility management boasts a core strength of 500 employees serving more than 100 clients at 300 sites across Bangalore, offering a range of soft skills and technical services. With solutions for all facility management requirements, STSK caters to a mix of clients in the city of information technology, offering them superior quality deliverables in their domain and maintaining an excellent track record of industrial relations.

60 Branch Office

3000 Employees

5000 Projects every year

Our History

STSK Properties Pvt. Ltd. is an unlisted private limited company, under which STSK Facilities Management is branched. It was incorporated on 13 September, 2019 and is located in Karnataka. The company has three directors- Divya Katappa, Kavya Katappa and Shiva Kumar Katappa. The registered office of the company is at Novel Tech Park, 3rd Floor, Hosur Main Road, Kudlu Gate, Bangalore, Karnataka. Over the time, we have established a network of major contractors and suppliers who are trusted and dependable professionals. This network enables us to realize substantial savings in terms of price, priority in terms of scheduling, and the expectation of high quality service for all of our contractual needs.

Our Values

We believe that everybody ought to be perpetually attempting to grow from a private and an expert stand. We celebrate our victories without losing our drive to improve. By pushing our staff to unlock their full potential, we'll facilitate them attain a larger level of fulfilment.

Our Mission

We at STSK Facility Management deliver excellence in total facilities management services focusing on sustainable best practice while being led by innovative technology, which satisfies the needs and exceeds the expectations of our customers, business partners and other stakeholders.

Our Vision

We at STSK Facility Management thrive to deliver cost effective & customer centric housekeeping & facility management solutions to help our business partners & society at large in building an eco-friendly and cleaner environment. We come together to deliver our quality service so that we can achieve our business goal.

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