Drones are provided to all our clients free of charge so that, by its technical functionality, we can catch hold of any ongoing illegal or hazardous activity within the premises.

Fire Extinguisher Balls

Fire extinguisher balls are extremely useful to prevent any hazards caused by fire within the premises. We provide the fire extinguisher balls free of charge to all our clients

Fire Blanket

We have taken an initiation to provide fire blankets to all our security guards so that they can safeguard themselves as well as the people stuck in the hazard.


Stretcher is the most useful objects that anybody could give to any of their clients. We have taken an initiative to provide free stretchers to our clients.

Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicle will be provided to the premises of our clients so that the commutation within the premises can be done with ease and with great comfort.

Free Sign Board

Free sign boards are provided to our client's premises. It is useful to our clients and their guests for identifying the amenities provided within the premises.

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