Safety And Security

Supervision and inspection of the property would be the main responsibility of our security guards. They are responsible for overseeing the functions and the activities happening in and around the premises.


We provide better hygienic conditions leading to improved health, reduce property damage by improving preventive maintenance, maintaining halls and floors free of slip etc.

Fire Protection

We provide services like installing fire sprinklers in every unit, installing building-wide fire alarms, put fire extinguishers on every floor, and arrange for inspections and tests of all fire protection equipment.

Electrical Operations

We take care of building functions such as power, lighting, heating, cooling, ventilation and water amenities. STSK provide the services at the best so that you do not have to face any difficulty with the service.


We at STSK provide best plumbing service all over India. We provide expertise who are well experienced in installing and maintaining systems used for potable water, sewage and drainage in plumbing systems.

Carpentry & Renovation

We at STSK provide world class carpenters who would not only fix a small issue, but also would be competent to solve all the issues regarding the fixtures and renovation. We take the responsibility to keep your building beautiful.

Waste Management Services

Waste management involves the regular collection, transportation as well as processing and disposal or recycling and monitoring of different types of waste materials

Lift & Escalator

Our professional maintenance system, ensures the safe usage of your elevators and escalators. Our maintenance tools and professionally trained engineers are located both locally and regionally.

Landscape Services

We provide highly qualified and experienced professionals. They have highly advanced equipment for Gardening purposes which provide these services as per customer satisfaction.

Energy Management Services

Efficient usage of energy and electricity is encouraged by us. It is the process of identifying and analyzing data, and then implementing processes to reduce the energy consumption.

Water Treatment Plant

Treatment of water is essential as the life of a human depends majorly on water. So, to overcome any issues related to water, we come forward with all our water treatment techniques to keep our clients healthy.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Swimming pool is one of the most sought after amenities the people look for, while searching an apartment. We make sure that you receive a best service in maintaining your swimming pool.

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